Frequently asked questions

If your result is positive, we will share your result with the GGD so that they can start contact tracing.

Our team consists of a group of university-educated students with a medical background. These students are skilled in conducting COVID-19 tests. In addition, they are aware of the latest developments regarding the virus and are open to all your possible questions.

Medtester specializes in conducting tests at (company) location. We try to deliver as much customization as possible. On request we can open a teststreet. We operate in 8 different cities.

We use a rapid antigen test to detect a current Covid-19 infection

We try to store as little of your data as possible and try to safeguard your privacy as much as possible. We process your personal data in accordance with the GDPR law and do not store test results.

You can do an antigen rapid test from 50 euros and an antibody test from 45 euros.

We conduct a PCR for € 150

This is best done 5 days after the contact. After this time frame, the incubation period of your possible infection is over and we have the best chance of detecting the virus.

You can pay with tikkie or if desired by invoice

Yes, this is possible and useful. Rapid antigen tests also work without symptoms. See this article from the UMC:

This is possible if you are doing a PCR test.

In addition, it is possible in consultation to receive confirmation of a result.

The tests are not painful but can be experienced as uneasy.

There is a lot of uncertainty about Covid-19 and immunity. However, recent research by the RIVM shows that in 90% of the people antibodies are present in the blood for at least 200 days. These will most likely provide some form of protection against future infection.

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